Wellbeing in our Villages – Sue Reid April Focus Article

This suggests to me that “wellbeing” can mean so many different things to a person; however, every interpretation is still valid as a unique measure of wellbeing to an individual.

Interpretations of wellbeing also change with age. Health and independence are key examples of contributors to wellbeing that change with getting older. Understanding that the definition of wellbeing is different for everyone and that it will also change over time is key to understanding the needs of older

Catholic Care of the Aged (CCA) has been understanding the wellbeing of local residents in this way for more than 40 years. Back in the 1970s, Father Donnelly recognised the need to care for locals who were getting older, but knew it was about their wellbeing and not just about building new facilities. He famously said “… it’s not about the buildings, but what goes on in the buildings”.

Our local team understands the needs of locals and those who ultimately become locals. Our Lifestyle Program offers wellbeing in terms of social connections, physical activity and giving back to the community.

Our Pastoral Care Program supports those who may be experiencing personal challenges or loss of a loved one. Our Home Care team provides a range of medical, domestic and personal services for all our residents.

It is our programs, services and experience in delivering wellbeing to our residents that sets CCA apart from everyone else.

Come and talk to us about what wellbeing means to you and view some of our recently refurbished villas, with all the facilities that you need and easy access to town. Call us on 5525 3600.