Beautiful Mass Rejoices in the spirit of our Volunteers

St Agnes’ Parish celebrated National Volunteers week with a special Mass and supper on Wednesday evening (22 May) to bless and thank the people who help with our various Parish ministries.

Karen Carpenter, General Manager Human Resources, welcomed everyone to the celebration, and acknowledged the contribution of our volunteers, saying, “your time, energy and talents are an active demonstration of our mission to serve others as Christ did”.

The Mass was celebrated by Fr Peter Wood and Fr Joe Joe D’Souza,;Sr Anne Hannigan was commentator; and, the readings were delivered by Bronwyn Chalker, Wendy Ward and Ann Thurgate.  Denise Smith and Alison Sherratt brought the gifts forward.

A huge thank you to the students from MacKillop Senior College and St Joseph’s Regional College whose wonderful contribution to the Music, along with that of Jenni Searson, Reb Denham (MacKillop’s music teacher) Rob Denham, and Josh our Parish Music Trainee (who works at Regional College as an Indigenous Student assistant), added a real richness to the celebration. The Parish also hosted a Ministry Weekend on 25-26 May to invite new people to get involved in a wide variety of Parish ministries – contact the Presbytery if you’d like to get know more about these volunteering opportunities.