CCA Village Open Day well received by the Community – Sue Reid

The recent refurbishment of our villas was particularly well received. People were pleasantly surprised that the refurbishment has included a focus on contemporary designs and functional layouts with great opportunity to add those special touches to call it home. Residents have said they feel safe and secure in our community and are given peace of mind regarding the emergency support that was available. Feedback was not limited to our new-look villas but also regarding the surrounding, supportive environment of our villages.

Some were not aware that Catholic Care of the Aged (CCA) also provides extra support through home care and access to some of the best residential care facilities in the region. Comments were made regarding the great sense of community present in our villages, which has come from 40 years of us knowing what works locally. The direct support provided to the villages through a locally owned and operated team was also warmly received.

Through our lifestyle and pastoral care programs residents are encouraged to be as social as they want to be and offered support in times of need. CCA’s long-term presence in the community has meant our villages are closely located to town, facilities and transport, and people (and pets) from all backgrounds are welcomed. The best way to get a feel for our community is to see it for yourself. I would be happy to show you our new look villas in person or via a weblink. You can contact me on 0407 843 515 to arrange this.