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Whether you need a little help around the home or require greater support with day-to-day activities, our dedicated Home Care Team can provide you with a variety of options for the assistance you would like to receive. As your needs change, we can adjust our services to meet these changing needs.

With over 40 year’s experience serving our community in aged care, we understand that sometimes people need a little assistance to be able to remain living their fullest life in their own home. Our team of nurses and carers will work in partnership with you, so that we get to know you and your family personally so we can best create an individualised home care plan to assist you stay at home longer.

Services Available:

Your care plan may include a combination of services including Home Care, Personal Care and Nursing Care. It is important to note, these services are available as part of a Home Care Package or can be utilised as private services.

Home Care
Services may include assistance with domestic responsibilities including cleaning, meal preparation and shopping.

Personal Care
Services may include assistance with showering and dressing as well as medication management.

Nursing Care
Services delivered by registered nurses that may include post operation management, assistance with injections, catheter care and health monitoring.

Respite Care
As a Carer, there may be times when other commitments take you away from your carer role or you  may simply need a short break. Our Community Care Team can provide assistance to carers, family and friends, whether for a couple of hours or for a couple of weeks. It is great to know that CCA can support you with respite care privately or through your Home Care Package.

Private Services
We believe that care should be different for each person and that sometimes there are occasions when you might need some extra options to enable you to do the things you want and live the life you desire. Private services can be arranged as a fee for service arrangement.

Accessing Home Care

Accessing a Home Care Package is made easy by following the following simple steps:

1. Assess Eligibility
To get started you will need to register with My Aged Care who will access your eligibility by looking at your current situation and the home care services you require. You can contact My Aged Care online www.myagedcare.gov.au or by calling 1800 200 422. You will need to have details including your address, phone number, Medicare and Pension number for registration.

To access home care privately in a fee for service arrangement, simply contact our dedicated Home Care Team on (02) 5525 3600.

2. Establish Needs
Building a relationship and understanding your needs is essential for us to deliver on our promise of providing person-centred care. To make an appointment to discuss your needs with a member of our Home Care Team, simply contact us (02) 5525 3600.

3. Selecting Services
Our Home Care Coordinators will work with you to select services that will meet your current needs and selected services will form the basis of your personalised home care plan. We understand that needs change from time to time and our team are available to work through these changes with you.

Cost of Home Care

The Australian Government subsidises a range of aged care services in Australia and will allocate a personal budget for eligible home care packages. If your personal circumstances allow, you may be asked to contribute towards the cost of your Home Care Package.

A very helpful information booklet is the Your Guide To Home Care Package Services, which has been produced by the Australian Government for people considering Home Care. We understand the complexities surrounding Community Home Care, for more information call our specialist Client Relationship Managers on (02) 5525 3600.

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