Residential Care

Residential Care at a Glance

For individuals who are no longer able to live in their own home, Catholic Care of the Aged offers permanent accommodation options that provide 24-hour support by qualified and experienced care teams.

Striving to create a home-like environment, we offer a range of generous rooms which are private, contemporary and comfortable. Our Care & Lifestyle Centres have been designed to help make life as enjoyable and comfortable as possible whilst catering to changing care needs.

Across our Residential Care & Lifestyle Centres, Catholic Care of the Aged provides specialist care to accommodate a vast range of needs including respite care, permanent care, dementia specific care and palliative care.

Our Care & Lifestyle Centres:

We have dedicated support services delivered by physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dementia specialists and clinical nurse consultants with our hospitality team delivering meal, cleaning and laundry services.

CCA Residents are encouraged to maintain as much independence as possible, to be involved in decision-making regarding the care they require, and to maintain connections with others. Our dedicated Lifestyle program encourages residents to pursue their interests and enjoy new experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

Accessing Residential Care

Accessing Residential Care is made easy by following the following simple steps:

1. Assess Eligibility
To get started you will need to have an assessment completed by your local the aged care assessment team to access government-subsidised residential care. The details of your local ACAT can be obtained by contacting My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or visiting online. You will need to have details including your address, phone number, Medicare and Pension number for registration with My Aged Care.

2. Admission Application
Catholic Care of the Aged has multiple Care & Lifestyle Centres, so it is important that we identify and understand your personal care needs. An appointment with our specialist Client Relationship Manager will allow the necessary application paperwork to be completed, whilst giving us the opportunity to walk you through our services, our culture, the cost of care and clarify any remaining concerns or questions you may have.

To arrange an application appointment simply call Donnelly House on (02) 5525 3600. You will need to have details including Medicare and Pension numbers, Power of Attorney and Guardianship papers for the admission application appointment.

3. Care & Lifestyle Centre Tour
After the admission application has been completed we can arrange for a tour of the appropriate Care & Lifestyle Centre as required. The Client Relationship Manager will make the necessary arrangements and book at the admission application appointment.

4. Offer
When accommodation becomes available that matches your personal care needs, our Client Relationship Manager will make contact with you to make an offer. At this time you will be invited to tour the specific accommodation.

5. Acceptance & Agreement
Upon accepting an offer we will ensure that you are given detailed moving information and assistance to make your transition as smooth as possible. You will be issued with an agreement that details your acceptance of tenure with Catholic Care of the Aged.

Cost of Residential Care

The Australian Government subsidises a range of Aged Care services in Australia. To find out what you may need to pay for your residential care, you must to complete an Assets and Income Assessment form which can be obtained from the My Aged Care website or by calling 1800 200 422. Completion of this form will determine if you are eligible for government assistance with your accommodation costs if you need to contribute to your accommodation costs and if you need to pay a means-tested care fee.

All providers are required to advertise their prices for accommodation on both their own website and the My Aged Care website. To view Catholic Care of the Aged pricing information please click the following link:

CCA Accommodation Pricing Brochure

A very helpful information booklet is the Five Steps to Entry into an Aged Care Home, which has been produced by the Australian Government for people beginning their journey into aged care.

We understand the complexities surrounding the cost of Residential Care, for more information call our specialist Client Relationship Managers on (02) 5525 3600 or email [email protected].