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Luminosity inspires as always!

Centacare and the Youth Hub supported attendees at the Luminosity Youth Summit on 24-26 July thanks to sponsorship from headspace Port Macquarie. Josh Postle and Liam Croan were accompanied by Jade Chelman from Centacare and Jayson Corr from the Youth Hub. Jayson, who was wrapped to attend on behalf of the Youth Hub, said he was very thankful [...]

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The Youth Hub Programs & Services l Community Services Update

The Youth Hub in Horton Street, Port Macquarie caters for young people aged 12 - 25 years and offers a range of holiday and welfare programs and services. Its aim is to support and develop the youth of the Hastings by promoting self-esteem through friendship, health, education and community activities. The Youth Hub does this by running community [...]

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Centacare expands Joe’s horizons through NDIS funding

Joe Pond had a difficult start in life. He has been a Centacare community access client for many years. Joe benefits daily from a drop-in support services to help him live independently. His support workers help Joe manage his medication and encourage him in his search for work. Joe recently turned 25 and to celebrate his birthday he [...]

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Providing Experienced, Helpful and Kind Home Care Services – Don’s Column

Experienced - with more than 40 years’ experience caring for the local community, our expert team of nurses and carers work in partnership with you and your family. Our qualified staff includes a Registered Nurse, who will liaise with our Case Facilitator to ensure you receive care that addresses all your needs. It is through our proven track [...]

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May Community Services Spotlight – NDIS Plan Management

Participants are able to choose from four options to manage their funds. These are; Agency- Managed, Self-Managed, Plan- Managed or a combination of any of these. The Plan-Managed option is one that offers great flexibility. Plan-Managed is when another person manages a plan on behalf of the participant. This could be a service provider that offers a plan [...]

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Linking a Community

Ability Links NSW recently went to the Birpai country and visited the town of Wauchope to catch up with Jade Chelman & Stacey Ritchie from the Centacare ‘Early Links’ program and the inspiring Aunty Lucy. The “Early Links” playgroup, is a mum’s and bub’s group coordinated by Centacare and Ability Links NSW and run out of The Mad [...]

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April Community Services Spotlight – Behaviour Support

We all display behaviours as a way of communicating our needs. It is only when these behaviours present a concern to the individual exhibiting these behaviours or to those around them, that we need to look to alternative strategies. Developing a behaviour support plan with measurable goals and strategies to address behaviours of concern is critical to ensuring [...]

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March Community Service Spotlight – Don Mackenzie

I would like to acknowledge the recent loss of Fr Donnelly, which was felt right through our Centacare community. Father D’s vision and guiding influence saw St Agnes’ Parish grow into a leading aged care, disability services and educational provider in the Mid North Coast region. He was renowned for helping those in need, effectively touching the lives [...]

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NDIS Participants enjoy a cruisey holiday

Sue Blain, Accommodation and Community Services Team Leader, organised a 4-night cruise to Morton Island in December 2018. Twelve NDIS participants enjoyed beautiful weather and an abundance of entertainment out on the seas with P&O. Their NDIS packages assisted with the funding and Centacare staff Sue Blain, Mel Freeman and Maddie Mackintosh accompanied them.

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