Enrolment at our secondary schools

Now taking enrolments for 2022

MacKillop College, St Joseph’s Regional College, Newman Senior Technical College operate as centres of excellence, providing meaningful opportunities for students to attain their personal best in whatever endeavour pursued – whether this be academic, spiritual, pastoral, cultural or sporting. We trust that excellence will equally be recognised in the quality of the character of the alumni of our school.

Our Colleges operate in an identifiably Christian culture, challenging young people to grow in a community modelling the gospel values of faith, forgiveness, honesty, hope, justice, respect, tolerance, compassion and trust. Our students take a sincere examination of religious issues in Religious Education classes and take part in all religious events, masses and retreats. Students are given opportunities to exercise leadership and service and our reputation in the wider community broadcasts our commitment to social justice.

We promote relationships based upon respect. This attitude of mutual respect is fundamental to the restorative approach taken by our staff to the management of students and to any situation which challenges positive respectful relationships.

It is clearly a most important decision when you choose a school for your sons and daughters; so much of later life, in terms of happiness, faith, values and adequate preparation for the challenges ahead can be affected by the school your child attends.

Enrolments at MacKillop College
For more information, go to the MacKillop College enrolment page at: https://www.pmaclism.catholic.edu.au/how-to-enrol or phone 6583 2632 or email: [email protected].

Enrolments at St Joseph’s Regional College (SJRC)
For more information, go to the SJRC enrolment page at: https://www.pmreglism.catholic.edu.au/how-to-enrol phone 5525 4100 or email
[email protected]

Year 11 Enrolments at Newman Senior Technical College

For more information, go to the Newman College enrolment page at: https://www.newman.nsw.edu.au/enrolment/ phone 6580 3800 or email [email protected]