School Zones


A zoning system is used to distribute students between the two Year 7-12 complexes, that is St Joseph’s Regional College in Sovereign Hills and MacKillop College in Ocean Drive. These schools are committed to providing the same range of courses and catering for students wishing to complete the NSW Higher School Certificate with a view to pursuing further tertiary studies.

St Joseph’s Regional College zone includes the Town Beach areas west of Kooloonbung Creek, Bonny Hills and the Camden Haven area.

MacKillop College zone includes the Shelly Beach, Hastings and Lighthouse areas and south to Lake Cathie.

Newman Senior Technical College is open to all students.


St Joseph’s Primary School:

Located in Warlters Street near Settlement City, Port Macquarie, the zone for this school encompasses the Settlement Point area, Clifton, Lake Innes, Rawdon Island and Telegraph Point.

St Agnes’ Primary School:

Located in Boronia Street, Port Macquarie, the zone for this school encompasses the coastal strip from Town Beach to the corner of Kennedy and Pacific Drives; the area West of Kennedy Drive through to the CBD, the Sherwood area and the area South of the Oxley Highway out to Innes Lake/Brierley Hill.

St Peter’s Primary School:

Located on Ocean Drive, Port Macquarie, the zone for this school encompasses Green Meadows, Crestwood, Emerald Downs, Lighthouse Beach, South of Port Macquarie and Lake Cathie.