Enrol now for Kindergarten 2023

Welcome to our Primary School Enrolment page

Our primary schools build on the strong foundation of our early education offering through a modern and specialised learning model which supports and extends student capabilities.

At its core, students receive a holistic education within communities that support them and their families as they grow, learn and develop. It is at our primary schools where a love of learning is nurtured and grown so students are best placed to find success and joy through their primary education and beyond.

We are very proud of the breadth of opportunities that students receive within our primary schools and welcome you into our community. Watch our video that showcases the opportunities and experiences available to children and families who choose the St Agnes’ Parish Educational Pathway.

2023 Kindergarten Enrolment Information Nights.

Kindergarten enrolment information nights were held in April 2022.

If you are still interested in learning more about Kindergarten enrolments, you can:

  1. visit the website: https://primaryenrolment.stagnesparish.org.au/enrol/start

  2. phone: 02 6588 7444

  3. email: [email protected]

School Zoning & The Enrolment Process

School Zoning

Our primary schools work closely together to ensure a positive educational experience across all our primary schools. As such, we use a zoning system to direct enrolments based on proximity to schools.

You can click here to view the primary school zoning map. If you have any questions about your zone, or if you are new and moving to the area, please contact the Parish education team on 02 6588 7444.

The enrolment process

Young ones who attend our early education centres get a first-hand experience of what it is like to be in Kindergarten through our Kindergarten transition program.

Generally, Information Nights and school tours are conducted in March and April for all families looking to enrol their children in Kindergarten. This is a great point of contact for parents and families to understand what makes St Agnes’ Catholic Parish Education different. For families new to the area or looking to switch schools, that may have missed the Information Night or school tours, please contact the Parish education team on 02 6588 7444.

Useful Information

Read the welcome letter from our Parish Priest Father Paul Gooley, who highlights the Parish’s strong grounding in the Catholic faith is the basis for developing our young people into resilient, socially-conscious individuals wanting to make a difference in the community.

Here is information on our Fee Schedule for our primary schools.

The following forms must be printed, completed and submitted at the school interview:

See the compulsory school uniforms and their pricing available online through the St Agnes’ Uniform Store website.

Start your enrolment

NB: We have moved from a print enrolment process to a more user-friendly online enrolment process. Click the button below to start your enrolment process, but be mindful that you will need a valid email address and you will also be required to have digital copies of required documentation to be uploaded during this process. More information about the forms required are provided after clicking on the link below.