Friends to neighbours program making the transition seamless – Village Voice

Choosing where to spend your retirement years is an important decision. At Catholic Care of the Aged (CCA), we make that transition as seamless as possible.

We recently launched a “Friends to Neighbours” program, to add to the multitude of ways we bring together community and lifestyle, removing the stress from the move to retirement living.

Often when faced with the decision to move, a common concern is losing contact with friendship groups, but this doesn’t have to be an issue. After moving to Lourdes Village or St Agnes Village, our residents continue to maintain contact with friends, whether it might be invitations to stay or taking part in a variety of activities we have on offer.

We not only encourage this, but we take it a step further and invite residents to convert their friends into neighbours through a new program, which CCA has recently launched.

Our “Friends to Neighbours” program works when a resident nominates a friend who might be interested in moving into one of our villages. If that friend moves into either St Agnes Village or Lourdes Villages, the resident receives a $250 gift card.

While residents obviously benefit from the dollar value of the gift card, our main focus is to make the transition to retirement living less stressful and more familiar. No doubt it also helps new people moving into our villages if one of their friends recommend St Agnes or Lourdes as great places to live. Moving into a community with your friends already close by; what more could you ask for?

“Friends to Neighbours” is yet another way that CCA can continue to bring together community and lifestyle.

More information about the program can be found at: or call Donnelly House on (02) 5525 3600.