Financial services are provided through a team of accountants. Financial reporting is in accordance with the Australian accounting standards and all ASIC requirements. All Parish accounts are audited by external auditors annually.

Parish Finance Council

Canon Law requires that the Parish Priest, as the person canonically responsible for the administration of the temporal goods of the Parish is assisted by a Parish Finance Council (PFC).

The primary purpose of the PFC is to assist the Parish Priest in all matters relating to the stewardship of the temporal goods of the Parish.

Without limiting the above, the specific functions of the PFC are to:

  • Advise the Parish Priest on financial policies and planning for the Parish
  • Approve the budgets for the Parish and its apostolic works
  • Propose ways of acquiring the means necessary for funding Parish projects
  • Receive the annual report of the audit of Parish finances
  • Receive the annual report of Parish finances for presentation to both the parochial community and to the diocesan Bishop
  • Discuss and offer a range of administrative and expert advise to the Parish Priest
  • Directs the Parish Administration Centre in its financial administration, management and strategic planning of the Parish.

The Parish Administration Centre reports bi-monthly to the PFC on all matters of Parish finance. The PFC Executive Officer is the Chief Executive Officer/Chief Financial Officer.