St Agnes' Food Services
St Agnes' Food Services

St Agnes’ Food Services

St Agnes’ Food Services has a long history of providing quality food and hospitality services to the residents, customers and staff across our many service areas.

We recognise that the sharing of food and meals is a universal way of expressing fellowship; it embodies the values of hospitality, community duty, gratitude, sacrifice and compassion. Most importantly, food allows us all the opportunity to come together to be Nourished by our Faith.

The Food Services team provides a seasonal monthly rotating menu, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea to residents within our lifestyle villages and our residential facilities. We strive to provide a variety of nutritious and flavoursome meals that cater for personal preferences and dietary requirements. Within each of our residential facilities there are also dedicated kitchen and servery staff who ensure that the food is served to the highest standard to all our residents.

The Food Services team runs production from a central kitchen called the Marian Centre. Whilst some food is prepared within the facilities, the Food Services team undertake the majority of our catering needs, producing and delivering some 7,500 meals per week. The team also provide a service to our Parish Retreat and Conference Centre, The Francis Retreat.

On top of the service provided to our service areas and facilities, the team provide a range of function and event catering as well as packaged meals options that are available to the broader community. For more information please contact the team on 6583 6996.