St Agnes’ Pastoral Council

Informs, advises and works with the Parish Priest in the area of pastoral activities by:

  • researching the needs, ideas and hopes of the parishioners.
  • recommends policies, procedures and programs to deal with the mission of the church.
  • co-ordinates, develops and implements pastoral programs.
  • evaluates pastoral effectiveness.

The Pastoral Council comprises the Parish Priest and 10 Parishioners. The role is to promote the Church’s mission to  live and communicate the love and values of Christ in our world and especially within St Agnes’ Parish, Port Macquarie. The Pastoral Council shares in the responsibility for the ongoing life and development of the faith community of the Parish.

Functions of the Pastoral Council:

  • Enrich the quality of Parish life
  • Provide opportunities for parishioners to grow in holiness, to live out a personal and community call to live as Catholics who effectively transform the wider community