John Henry Institute
John Henry Institute

The John Henry Institute

The future is here with JHI.

The John Henry Institute is a local training provider committed to supporting residents and businesses to find their purpose and reach their potential. We work with the community and industry to identify and meet the training needs and help local people get local jobs.

Why choose JHI?

The John Henry Institute, or JHI as we like to call it, builds on more than 40 years of experience of giving people the right skills to find work.

JHI delivers training tailored to businesses and individuals through:

  • Job Ready training bundles designed to meet specific compliance and accreditation requirements that ensures staff are best equipped for work
  • Training Diagnostics that understand and identify your specific workforce development needs and tailor a training pathway that improves employee skills and the capability of your business
  • Networks and experience to provide advice, training and support for students, apprentices and trainees to join the workforce with no worries. JHI can even help with work experience across the Parish.
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