Parish Pastoral Council

The role of the Pastoral Council is to promote the Church’s mission to live and communicate the love and values of Christ in our world, especially within the context of St Agnes’ Catholic Parish. The Pastoral Council shares in the responsibility for the ongoing life and development of the faith community of the Parish.

The key functions of the Pastoral Council are to enrich the quality of parish life, provide opportunities for parishioners to grow in holiness and to live out a personal and community call to be missionary disciples who effectively transform the wider community.

Throughout 2020-21, the Pastoral Council continued to inform, advise and work closely with Fr Paul in the area of pastoral activities by:

  • researching the needs, ideas and hopes of parishioners
  • recommending policies, procedures and programs to deal with the mission of the church
  • supporting the coordination, development, and implementation of pastoral programs
  • evaluating pastoral effectiveness

The Pastoral Council works very closely with the Parish Presbytery Team to ensure that there are many opportunities for faith formation and spiritual growth.

Feedback from parishioners over the years has frequently included an ongoing desire for spiritual formation, especially in the form of retreats.

The retreats implemented over the past few years have been extremely well received and the Council has committed to ensuring they continue to be offered annually.

PPC Review Report
PPC Guidelines
PPC Membership Process

Parish Pastoral Council Members

  • Jim Dempsey (Chair)
  • Fr Paul Gooley
  • Fr Peter Wood
  • Fr Roland Agrisola
  • Father Prodencio Bognay
  • Anne O’Brien
  • Tony Worner
  • Grace Familar
  • Peta Rourke
  • Rachael Kama
  • Vanessa Denham