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First Holy Communion

Thank you for registering and attending your nominated Narrated Mass.

STEP 1: Please ensure you have submitted your child’s Registration Form and their Baptism Certificate (if they were not Confirmed at St Agnes’ Parish) as this is their registration to participate in the Sacrament.

STEP 2: Preparation Day/Reflection Day (Parents and candidates) All children attend a Preparation Day/Reflection Day with their schools or the Parish Sacramental Team. Parents are encouraged to join in with this special day. All details are either emailed out to parents or advertised in the school newsletters.

STEP 3: To assist you in the support of your child, there are some links provided below for you to view together. These resources give the opportunity to prompt family conversation and allow your child to explore deeper into their First Holy Communion sacrament.

STEP 4: First Holy Communion Masses for the candidates and their families will be held at St Agnes’ Parish Church, Hay Street, Port Macquarie on the following dates and times for each school:

  • St Agnes’ Primary School and all other non-catholic schools: Monday 27th August 2018, 6.00pm
  • St Joseph’s Primary School: Tuesday 28th August 2018, 6.00pm
  • St Peter’s Primary School: Wednesday 29th August 2018, 6.00pm