Coronavirus (COVID-19) update #2

Last week, the Parish convened its Critical Incident Management Team (CIMT) to highlight any issues pertaining to the COVID-19 Coronavirus and to ensure staff are kept up to date with the latest advice as to what we are doing locally.

The Team has identified that the key priority is to do all we can to prevent any possible spread of the virus. While it is unknown as yet if there are any confirmed cases locally, we are directing all visitors to our aged care services to enter through one entry point. These entry points will include signage directing them to sanitising stations for visitors as the come and go.

We are attempting to procure enough supplies, like sanitiser and protective masks, for services across the Parish, however they are in high demand. The best advice for all employees is to regularly wash your hands thoroughly with soap, a practice which proves to be just as effective as hand sanitiser.

There have been changes to the way we conduct Mass, mandated by our Bishop, which were detailed in last week’s communication. These details can be found on our website – – or on our social media.

Also please be aware of travel restrictions to and from other countries as these guidelines change regularly. You can find more information about specific countries and restrictions at:

There will be another update next week, but in the meantime, please speak to your Manager asking them to forward any concerns on to the CIMT.

Adam Spencer 

Chief Executive Officer