Fantastic efforts by storm clean-up crews

Tony Leahy, Acting CEO, has praised those involved in the clean-up and repair operations since last Friday’s storm, which caused extensive damage across multiple Parish sites including the Parish Administration Centre.

“It is great news that we have been able to return to some degree of normality so quickly. This could not have been achieved without the dedication and responsiveness of everyone involved,” said Tony.

During the storm a tree limb at the back of the Parish Administration Centre fell resulting in broken windows and rain damage to Fr Paul’s Office on the first floor, severe structural and water damage at ground level to the Hamper Hall (which cannot be saved) and to the roof of the nearby Property Services building.

Thanks to the rapid response of emergency crews, staff, contractors and volunteers most Parish Administration Centre (PAC) staff have been able to return to working onsite.  The Parish carpark (Hayward Street) will remain closed until remedial works (including asbestos removal, demolition works, and general repairs) are complete.

For the time being, public and staff access to the Parish Administration Office is only available from Hay Street.

The power of the storm was evidenced by one of the crucifixes on the Church steeple breaking away from its mount, which caused subsequent damage to the Church roof. The Church has since been assessed for damage and is safe to be used.

Other damage caused by falling trees was experienced at numerous locations including St Joseph’s Primary School and Joey’s House in Warlters Street and St Agnes’ Primary School in Boronia Street. The Catholic Schools Office (CSO) in Clarence Street also received significant damage. CSO employees are working from home until repairs can be carried out.

Bourne House, the home of our Therapy, NDIS and Community Services operations in Short Street sustained damage to its front access area.

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