Important information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) – communique #6

Hello again,

As you know the environment of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is ever-changing and I would like to provide you with an update on how we are addressing COVID-19 locally. Before I do however, I want to let you know that we are conscious of wanting to communicate effectively and not saturate you with information. If you have any comments or feedback on the way we are communicating, please email:

The Parish Administration Centre (PAC) is now closed to visits from the public. Any PAC-related inquiries can still made via the reception number 6588 7444. The Presbytery Office remains open for Church and pastoral inquiries and is contactable on 6583 1024. Here is an update across our services:

Our aged care services
COVID-19 will continue to impact our aged care services. Even though we have measures in place to minimise any transmission of COVID-19 to visitors, staff and residents, we need to be prepared for the likelihood that one or more of our facilities may go into lockdown. Our Care & Lifestyle teams are experienced in managing lockdowns, and we are preparing staff, residents and their families for this possibility.

Our schools and early education
I know there was a degree of uncertainty regarding the closure of our schools over the past few days, and in this case we must follow the advice from the Catholic Schools Office and NSW Government. This advice is to keep children at home, however we understand that this may not be possible for everyone especially for those working in essential services. As a result, our schools have remained open to support these families. Students that do attend schools are in a blended learning environment where lessons are conducted online and comply with social distancing guidelines. The schools will communicate with you directly on any changes to this. At present our early education centres are remaining open for the same reasons, however the Uniform Store is closed until further notice.

I would like to acknowledge the work of all staff in our schools and in early education. The work they have done to date has been incredible. My thanks also goes to the parents and families that have supported this move. They have shown themselves to be adaptable and resilient in challenging circumstances.

Our community
While this is challenging time for all of us, there are examples emerging everyday where our staff are truly living the Vision, Mission and Values of the Parish. Of particular note are the care packages we have delivered to community members in need.

Our Mission
Lastly I would like to refer you to the regular videos that Fr Paul is developing. Each is less than eight minutes in length and I believe they are useful in providing inspiration and guidance, alleviating anxiety, uncertainty and offering spiritual nourishment in a time when we most need it. The videos are uploaded to the Parish Facebook page or are available on our video channel ‘With you for Life’ by clicking here. Don’t forget to stay up to date with latest information on our website:

Again these are challenging and uncertain times and as many people are now being asked to stay at home. I suggest that as a community we communicate regularly, be positive, have faith, pray regularly and be kind to one another.

Take care,

Adam Spencer – Chief Executive Officer