Little people taking big steps into St Peter’s Primary School

With the year quickly coming to an end, St Joseph’s Preschool student Molly from Port Macquarie is getting ready for kindergarten at St Peter’s Primary School in 2020.

“Molly is so excited she’s been wearing her ‘I’m going to big school t-shirt’,” mum Louise says.

“It’s a big leap from preschool to kindy. Although she’s on the younger side she’s quite clever and we feel confident with where she’s at with her learning.”

“She makes friends easily and is happy with the social side of things. She feels 100% certain she’s ready, so we’re very comfortable.”

Phoebe Morris, St Peter’s Primary School teacher of 12 years, says a series of orientation mornings in November and December are a great way for the preschool children to prepare themselves for the transition.

“The morning orientations are only for a couple of hours, so it’s not too exhausting for them. They get a feel for sitting in a classroom, have a tour around the school and get a taste of what’s to come before starting in February,” Ms Morris says.

“But the nicest thing for the little ones is meeting their St Peter’s school ‘buddy’, who will be in Year 6 the following year.”

“They do activities with their buddies and get to know them, so when they start in the new school, they have someone familiar to turn to.”

Louise says the continuity of education and ongoing communication from St Joseph’s Preschool and St Peter’s Primary School is helping with Molly’s transition.

“We already have a son at St Peter’s and have found the teaching staff to be very supportive and approachable, and the lines of communication always open,” Louise says.

“But having Molly go into kindy is still a big step. When they’re in preschool you get so much communication, but it’s important at every stage.”

“With the structures in place between the schools, there’s also a continuity to their education. As a parent you understand exactly what’s going on every step of the way.”

“They’ve done an amazing job making it an easy transition. When it came to the next stage of Molly’s education, there was really no other choice but St Peter’s. I think she’ll thrive.”

[Pic #1 – Molly (front) and Mum Louise] [Pic #2 – Molly (right) with friend Jacob (left) looking forward to St Peter’s]

Molly and Mother Louise
Molly and Jacob

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