NESA meets in historic first meeting outside Sydney

sourced from Port News:

Newman Technical College hosted the first regional meeting of the board of the NSW Education Standards Authority on May 21 and 22.

NESA is responsible for the implementing of education policy within NSW and works closely with the state government.

The authority regularly meets with the state representatives of the three school sectors (public, Catholic and independent), principals and teacher associations and parent groups.

During the visit, the NESA board will hear from local representatives about issues of interest to them.

The visit came about after discussions between Newman Technical College principal, Stephen Pares, and NESA chief executive officer, David de Carvalho, during a Catholic Secondary Schools forum when it was suggested that the board visit Port Macquarie.

The NESA board comprises the chairperson, Tom Alegounarias, chief executive officer David de Carvalho, the three school sector heads, senior teacher union representatives, an Aboriginal education expert and six ministerial appointees with expertise in education or business.

The visit to Port Macquarie provides the board with a valuable opportunity to tour Newman College and see its cutting edge delivery of the NSW Stage 6 school curriculum, including vocational education and training.

NESA will also seek feedback from a regional educational community as it continues to formulate strategic directions for supporting teachers, schools and sectors to offer all children and young people in NSW a high quality education that enables them to fulfil their potential.

The board will meet with senior staff, student leaders and parent representatives of Newman College as well as with local members of the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG) and other local key stakeholders such other local school principals, parent representatives and Chamber of Commerce members at forums to be held at Newman College on Tuesday afternoon.

Mr Pares, who is a founding member of the Australian Catholic Technical & Vocational Colleges Association (ACTVCA) was instrumental in bringing NESA to Port Macquarie.

“Newman College is pleased to be able showcase our facilities, our students and our region and encourages all participants to ask questions and be open minded to the broad spectrum of educational potential within this region,” Mr Pares said.

“The college tour aims to provide a firsthand look at a College that is providing an alternative to the standard HSC delivery with the aim of achieving positive post school outcomes for the majority of its students and meeting the needs of students, community and the economy,” he added.

Mr Pares has been in leadership and advisory positions in Vocational Education for over a decade and currently chairs the Lismore Diocese Principals Association as well as sitting board member for various Industry and Employment organisations.

NESA visit to Newman Senior Technical College

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