RSS Supporting the community and local businesses

The Recovery Support Service (RSS), which winds down on 31 May, hosted three wellbeing days to support flood effected victims in our community.Not-for-profit organisation, GIVIT, support the days by funding the total cost ($4,500) to fill gifts bags with items purchased from local market businesses, which continue to be affected by persistent wet weather. Workshop participants, all of whom were flood-affected clients of the RSS, were over the moon with the gift bags, not only to receive them, but to know that by accepting the gifts they were supporting local businesses as well.

The last of the RSS Wellbeing Days was held at Cassegrains Winery on 15 May. The group included a wide range of ages and people at different stages of recovery; some still experiencing anxiety and depression, some still trying recover their ‘normal’ again, others coming to terms with the loss of homes, health or loved ones!

RSS team member, Leonie Maher said, “It was a pleasure to be part of Return to Joy events, seeing the smiles and the joy of our clients and listening to their stories throughout the day was heart felt and wonderful at the same time”.Leonie also acknowledged the fine work of her colleague, Kerry Meehan who facilitated the sessions saying Kerrie had been instrumental in bringing her knowledge and gifts to the team and clients.

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