St Peter and St Paul – Feast day June 29th

St Peter and St Paul are two great apostles whose life and stories are of utmost importance to the development of the church in the modern world .They are key to the integrity of the church as it exists today and they were living witnesses to the Mission of the Church.

Apostles were those entrusted by Jesus to help build the church and spread the message of His teachings. The word apostle comes from the Greek word, apostello, meaning a messenger or one sent on a mission.

While we all are called to spread the Good News, not everyone is given the gift of apostleship by the Holy Spirit but we are certainly a very important part of the mission. Mission has it origin in God, and we have the privilege of living and witnessing the Gospel entrusted to us by Jesus Christ through the grace of the Holy Spirit.

The Gospel tells the stories of the apostles who were the first to be a part of God’s mission. The Church’s role is at the service of mission, which is, first and foremost, God’s project. God’s Mission is to bring about the ‘world’ God desires, the Kingdom or Reign, of God. Jesus’ mission is from God, and that is to proclaim the good news of the Kingdom.

Jesus formed a community of disciples, discipulus means ‘learner’ for mission. Firstly, he called His apostles and then His disciples. The Church’s Mission is to learn from Jesus and to continue His mission to proclaim God’s Kingdom.