Transitioning from primary to secondary schools is easy for St Agnes’ Parish students

As St Peter’s Kindergarten students are taking the big leap into Year 1, Year 12 students Darcy Pares and Maia Marino reflect on their own primary school years, as they begin their last year of high school at MacKillop College in Port Macquarie.

“A highlight of my time at St Peter’s was the Year 5 Great Aussie Bush Camp,” Maia says.

“We had peer support groups, where all the students met in small groups and the Year 6’s would lead the younger kids in activities. It was a lot of fun.”

For Darcy, “the highlight of my time at St Peter’s was the Year 6 camp to Sydney.”

When it came time to leave St Peter’s, Darcy and Maia say the transition into high school was smooth.

“It was easy to go from St Peter’s to MacKillop College because most of my peers went to MacKillop, so I had a lot of friends at the start of high school,” Darcy says.

“Going from St Peter’s to MacKillop’s was easy because of the close proximity of the schools,” Maia says.

“But it was also because of the caring teachers who prepared me for the transition into high school.”

The connection between the two St Agnes’ schools, means the transition for students is supportive and coordinated.

“Staff and students from the high school visit St Peter’s and the other local Catholic primary schools, and meet with Year 6 students throughout the year,” St Peter’s Primary School Principal, Geoff Leary says.

“When students begin their high school experience, it helps that they see a familiar face.”

MacKillop College Acting Principal Cath Eichmann says that over 95% of St Peter’s Primary School students come across to the College.

“Many parents embrace the opportunity of continuing their child’s education in a context that has similar values and expectations,” Mrs Eichmann says.

“There is significant advantage around shared knowledge of children, connectedness with families and the sharing of school expertise, resources and experiences that can enrich a student’s educational journey from preschool to Year 12 within St Agnes’ Parish educational endeavour.”

Mr Leary added, “We also recognise the richness that comes from a diversity of students past experiences in education and life. We know that all parents appreciate the sense of community and strong values that exist within our Parish schools.”