Please donate to the St Agnes' Parish Bushfire Recovery Fund


Throughout the bushfire emergency that has devastated our area, the community has been faced with uncertainty, anxiety and a frightening series of events. Through it all, St Agnes’ Parish community has been on the front foot in offering support to one another. We are truly blessed to be part of such a community.

Parishioners and staff have readily offered their homes and hospitality, and are doing everything they can to help those affected by the bushfires.

We are receiving many enquiries from people asking how they can help.

In the first instance, you can reach out to those affected and start a conversation to let them know they are loved and will be supported whatever their circumstances.

You can also donate to the St Agnes’ Parish Bushfire Recovery Fund, which has been established by the Parish, to urgently help those affected. The Fund will provide vouchers for affected individuals and families to help them purchase exactly what they need at this time, whether it be food, clothing, personal items, etc and to continue to do so in the future as our community begins to recover.

Any contributions or donations over the coming weeks will be appreciated and gratefully received.
We pray for the safety of those who continue to fight the fires, may God bless them and give our community the strength, hope, courage and patience to persevere in through this difficult time.

For more infomation contact St Agnes’ Parish Admin on 02 6588 7444 or [email protected]