Dolphin Playgroup

We look forward to developing strong partnerships with all families and the community. We are excited to develop and launch the supportive, safe and fun Dolphin Playgroup.

Introduction to Playgroup

Our Playgroup is an informal gathering of people with young children from birth to six years. Playgroup sessions take place weekly for two hours and the aim is to encourage parent and child participation.

A playgroup is a place for playing, growing, making friends and having fun for children and their parents or carers. Young children learn best in the presence of happy, supportive and involved adults. Playgroup is all about cooperation, inclusion, creativity, making friends and having fun together.

The Playgroup Facilitator works collaboratively with its members in order to:

  • Provide a welcoming environment
  • Share roles and responsibilities, and
  • Support other parents and children who attend

Introduction to the Dolphin Playgroup

The Dolphin Playgroup is a St Agnes’ Parish initiative, and is a parent-run playgroup.

We meet every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday during the school term from 9:30am – 11:30am. We aim to create a fun, safe and relaxed environment for parents to enjoy with their children and other families in our community.

Registration, Attendance and Fees

On the first day of attendance parents/carers must fill in an enrolment form. These forms will remain in a secure location with the Facilitator.

Morning Tea

Parents are asked to:

  • Bring healthy food such as fruit, crackers and cheese
  • Avoid foods that are a choking hazard or could cause an allergic
    reaction, and
  • Encourage children to drink water and sit down while eating


We are committed to minimising children’s exposure to infectious diseases. Children not immunised will be excluded from all Playgroup activities in the event of an outbreak of an infectious illness. The recommended guidelines for exclusion will be followed.


To protect your child and other children, please do not attend if your
child is not well.

What to bring to Playgroup

  • Morning Tea and a drink for your child
  • Adults and children need to wear a hat when outside
  • Sunscreen – apply before arriving or before outdoor play
  • Any items that your child may need (nappies, change of clothes, bottle etc)

Playrgoup Facilitator: Angela Phillips

Email: [email protected]

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