About Saint Agnes

One of the most beloved of the female saints, Agnes (c. 292 – c. 304) is renowned for keeping her faith, even under torture.

At the fragile young age of 12, Agnes was remarkable steadfast in her commitment, faith and service to Christ, refusing to walk away from her faith to marry the Son of a Roman official.

Agnes was martyred (killed for her religious beliefs), during the last wave of persecutions of Christians that took place in the Roman Empire, known as the Persecution of Diocletian which occurred in 304.

St Jerome wrote, “All nations, praise in word and writing the life of St Agnes. She triumphed over her tender age as well as over merciless tyrant. To the crown of spotless innocence she added the glory of martyrdom.”

The name Agnes means ‘lamb life’ in Latin and represents the innocence and modesty of the virgin-martyr.