Residents’ visit Newman to see trainees on their own turf

A small group of residents from Emmaus and St Agnes’ Site (SAS) visited Newman Senior Technical College on Monday 5 September accompanied by Lifestyle coordinators, Geri Buckland (Emmaus) and Liz Charles (SAS) and Leonie Wardrop (Parish Human Resources), who works closely with the Parish’s school-based trainees.  

Invited by Wendy Schumann, Catholic Faith in Action teacher, the group enjoyed morning tea with members of the Year 11 Faith Class, which includes some of the trainees who work in our residential care services 

It was a lovely morning excursion for the residents, who enjoyed baked goods (prepared by students) with a cuppa and a chat in the Food Hub at the College. The students sat with the residents and had a lovely time chatting and talking about different subjects. 

“It was nice to see the trainees as students in their own school environment, which also started lots of conversations with the visiting residents around their school experiences, past careers, and the types of hobbies and foods they were into as young people,” commented Leonie. 

By all accounts, it was a rewarding experience.  

Residents having morning tea at Newman College

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